Monday, August 13, 2018

ACO 2.0 - Market Shifts

A market is a place where you can purchase or sell things. You can advertise, ship, etc. Markets can shift over time by selling new and improved technology. Brand new technology products like a new apple phone like, the I Phone X . One example of a shifting market is apple. Apple makes a bunch of products such as, iPhones, Mac books, etc. Apple is always trying to make new products for their customers. Another example is gaming. There are a variety of gaming products such as , Xbox, PS4, PCs, etc. The gaming companies are always trying to making new and improved products so that their customers or gamers, will stay and play on them. If they do not improve them their customers will go to another gaming company.

The skills I would like to improve on is marketing, drawing, and photography. I chose marketing because for example, If I am selling any clothing products or any products, I will need to improve on that so that I can sell my merchandise to the people. Another skill I will need to improve is drawing, because I will be designing on clothing and even designing how my market/shop. Lastly, the skill I would like to learn and improve is photography. I need to learn and improve photography so that I can post/share pictures of my products to show to the people to buy my products.

ACO 4.1: Devise communication strategies to promote individual accountability and team success.
ACO 4.2: Use effective oral, written, and non-verbal communication skills to facilitate positive interactions.
ACO 4.3: Apply appropriate interpersonal skills to establish positive and sustained relationships with clients.

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