Thursday, November 15, 2018

ACO - 5.0 Visual Statement

Bullying is a serious, rampant behavior that has taken over schools worldwide. Ahea, Jared and I chose this topic because we've all witnessed or was a victim of bullying. The goal of this project was to produce a 2-3 minute visual statement that represents our views on an issue that we feel passionately about. To create this project, we had to generate a strong voiceover and visuals that would relate to it. Using Garage Band we would create a soundtrack and edit the whole project in Final Cut Pro. I was the editor, Jared was the lead cameraman and Ahea was the lead writer.

Final Cut Pro was definitely a big difference from using iMovie, the editing program we used before. Final Cut Pro is more advanced. We learned new keyboard shortcuts that we were not familiar with in iMovie. We didn't only learn new shortcuts but we learned different terms, such as "blade" and “playhead".  Although I barely used the computer to learn and edit. I was sorta novice into editing It is important to use FCPX Libraries because you nor I want our stuff getting deleted and erased by someone else. It is also for us to know where our stuff are. Audio levels in different clips can vary drastically because you want the audience to have a connection into each clip or scene. In my opinion, the part that displayed higher quality audio and video was when I was holding my phone out and I scrolled down to see the mean messages and the voice over was talking about cyber bullying.
In my opinion the biggest challenge for this project was brainstorming about what to do for the script and visuals, managing time, and commitment to acting. We tried to work things out and it did work but we came crashing and burning after. The driving force was honestly Jared and Ahea, I was hindering the progress with my disgusting acting and time managing. The most enjoyable part for me was acting and working with my team.

ACO 5.1 Apply problem-solving techniques to create deliverables that address the needs of a client or target audience.

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